Monday, 2 April 2012

Addicted to: YouTube Makeup Tutorials gone NATURAL

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I don't know about you, but I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I think it's a combination of wanting to improve my technique; the joy of watching someone who is a master of their skill perform their art; and lastly... I just find some of their voices so darn soothing! (I'm looking at you Michelle Phan!)

However as you probably know, a lot of the more popular gurus use mostly 'unclean' products... so below is my list of my favorite YouTube Makeup Tutorials gone NATURAL:

Pros: Lisa is a professional makeup artist so she knows her stuff- for this tutorial she explains the difference between using a foundation without silicones.

Cons: Lisa Eldridge is such a fantastic makeup artist, it's a shame she doesn't do more tutorials focused on natural makeup.

Pros: Michelle demonstrates how to use mineral powder concealer, which I find one of the trickier mineral products to use. 

Cons: She doesn't use all natural products! But the tutorial on how to use Everyday Minerals and the beautiful background music make up for it! :)

Pros: This girl obviously truly loves her natural makeup and has the most beautiful smile (and soundtrack!) to boot!

Cons: I would have loved to know more about her technique!

Let me know, do you have any favorite natural tutorials?

Happy YouTubing!

M. :)


  1. My favorite natural tutorials : Lutinette45 , from France :-)

    1. Her makeup looks beautiful!, but unfortunately I am not lucky enough to know French! :(