Monday, 2 April 2012

Search and Destroy: Naughty Ingredients

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Probably one of the first things that made me realize things aren't all as they seem in the beauty world is when I first started taking a closer look at the ingredients in my products. 

I did this because I would often get allergic reactions including hives, breakouts or rashes from products and wouldn't know why. I would be confused because I would have these reactions but the product would say 

"Dermatologically Tested"..... "Suitable for Sensitive Skin" ........."Leaves skin smoother, calmer and more refined!"

Uh. No.

So what are these ingredients that are causing me such grief?! Why are they used?!

This could open a whole can of worms, but one resource that I found very helpful is CosDNA

All you have to do is copy/paste your product's ingredients list, press 'Analysis' and CosDNA will let you know what the ingredient is used for, how comedogenic and irritating it potentially is and its safety rating

That way you can make informed decisions about the products you buy.  Don't forget, this is still important with natural/organic products. 


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