Sunday, 15 April 2012

Product Review: Aura Cacia Argan Oil

Price: US$9.89

Size: 1oz/30mL

Packaging: Approx. 4.5 in/11cm tall, clear brown glass bottle with black pump lid. You could travel with it if you use the plastic cap that fits over the lid. Don't throw this out!

Ingredients: Organic Argan (Argania Spinosa) Kernel Oil

Product: Argan oil seems to be 'the' oil of the moment, and for good reason. This super oil is full of Vitamin E, antioxidants and plumping fatty acids like omega 6 and 9 that can heal scarring and hyperpigmentation, neutralize free radical damage caused by sun and pollution exposure, reduce inflammation, moisturize dry skin and reduce wrinkles. 

What can't it do?!

Being in my 20s I can't speak for wrinkles, but the skin under my eyes is now so, so plump and any fine lines are completely gone. I was using rosehip oil previously for my eyes and this beats it hands down in results- also it is a lot less 'oily'. As you will see below, I was initially overusing it, but have now worked out the best way my skin can get results. Of an evening I massage three pumps all over my face for 2 minutes, including eyes, and then gently remove with a warm, wet washcloth. This removes all my makeup and leaves my skin baby soft- the way I like it!

Pros: Despite being an oil, this does not make my skin oily at all, but rather soft, smooth and plump.  Some scarring and inflammation is decreased and it keeps the eczema on my forehead under control.

Cons: I find when I use this in excess, it can cause some breakouts. I initially used it as both a makeup remover, cleanser in the morning and as a serum over my toner at night, but now just stick with using it as a makeup remover. 

Also this wonder oil comes at a price! When I decided I wanted to hop on the argan oil bandwagon, I initially looked at the Kahina Giving Beauty version. However because of the hefty price tag of $36 for the same quantity (and my volatile skin :-S) I thought I'd try Aura Cacia's cheaper version first. After a successful trial I will definitely try Kahina's next time, but if you want to give argan oil a go and are on a budget, I would definitely recommend Aura Cacia.

Verdict:  The best pure oil on the market for sensitive, dehydrated skin that is prone to breakouts. An elegant product that was made to be used cosmetically- you won't find this in your pantry or use it to fry your chicken!- and makes you feel like you are using an expensive luxurious face cream and not an oil. 

Buy it: I bought it here from Vitacost. (Which is also where I buy all my supplements from- I'll do another post soon on my favorite vitamins for skin. :) )

Don't let the thought of putting oil on oily skin (or any skin for that matter) put you off- using oils on your face is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin. 

M. :)


  1. Hello, thanks for following my blog - lovely to discover yours. Great post. I've just purchased their face cream - may well try this out. Shame you got a break out over time...I got when I used almond/olive oil as a cleansing oil...good to experiment though.

    1. Thank you for also following my blog! As you can see I haven't been blogging for long, but I'm loving it so far! Good luck with the face cream, let me know how it goes. :)